Board of Directors

Patricia Brusha

Patricia Brusha


"I can never replace my beautiful daughter Courtney, but I can keep her spirit & memory alive by helping other women by recognizing their amazing efforts to fight addiction. Each purse that is gifted brings love, encouragement and a special message from Courtney. Her mission  to empower grads from rehab to leave with dignity and courage lives on through Purse-Impressions"

Kathy (2)

Kathy Weinberg Allogia


"Courtney was my sweet, fun, adorable niece. The only child of my sister, Patricia,who held a very special place in my heart.

So as a participant on the board of Purse Impressions, I hope to continue to give the Rehab graduates the idea of healthy living, confidence, and the value of giving to others."

Carol Rogers

Carol Miyamoto Rogers


“Courtney had such a big heart that was full of love, she was full of creativity and energy, would do anything for anyone ! We had numerous connections including our love of purses! However our most prominent bond was our passion for giving back to others. My involement with Purse-Impressions provides a way to give and help others on behalf of myself and Courtney, a definite win-win.”

Special Advisory Council


lea crop 1

Lea Brusha

Purchasing & Logistics

"After losing my sister Courtney to addition, the pain our family has endured is beyond unfathomable.  Loosing Courtney was always my deepest fear and is now our reality.  If just one struggling lady can be encouraged to overcome their addiction by hearing Courtney’s story through the purse she receives, I will be forever grateful.  I will never have my sister back, but I will endlessly honor her through my dedication and contributions to Purse Impressions as a way of remembering her legacy."


Celina Gillis

Canadian Committee Chair

"Courtney was the first friend I remember having as a child. We spent our childhoods together, and remained friends into adolescents and adulthood. I want to be involved in purse-impressions for a few reasons: I want to help make her dream a reality, I’m excited about working along side this amazing and creative team Patricia has created, and most importantly, I want to give women hope. I want these women to feel important, valued, and cared about when they leave rehab. I want them to win the fight. If by giving them a few things to leave with will help them hold their heads a little higher, then I know what we’re doing is making a difference"

Christy Heenan

Christy Heenan

Marketing Committee Chair

" Courtney was a delightful girl full of fun , energy and had an infectious laugh. I worked with her and had a special friendship with her.

Volunteering with Purse-Impressions is a way I can help  other young women move forward from their treatment for addictions, by letting them know there are people who value them and want to help them with a fresh start."