A powerful read; personal, introspective, honest, raw, and emotional! Patricia has created a tremendous memorial of Courtney. Through all the challenges and heartbreak, the love shines through. I loved it!” -Anita Riehm

Courtney M. is a raw, relatable, must-read for anyone trying to understand the inner workings of a brain hijacked by drugs or alcohol. In this compelling and personal dual memoir, a daughter shares her recovery journey while a mother shares her heartbreak over losing a child. If you are an addict, you love one, or have lost one, you will see yourself on these heart wrenching pages.

Meet Courtney M., a charismatic young woman with a huge heart, stunning smile, infectious laugh…and a penchant for drinking. At the age of 24, she entered rehab for the first time and documented her journey, allowing a glimpse into the mind of someone trying to shed the skin of a poisonous addiction.

After 4 years of bearing witness to her daughter’s battle with alcohol abuse, Patricia, a recovering alcoholic herself, began recording the events that led to every parent’s worst nightmare. Tragically, Courtney lost her life to stage 4 liver cirrhosis after 6 months of hard-earned sobriety.

Patricia is left to face life without her beloved daughter. In the throes of an abysmal depression, she fights the urge to numb her grief with alcohol while trying desperately to manifest Courtney’s dream of helping addicts graduate rehab with dignity and determination.

Expanding on an idea Courtney had, Patricia discovers that a simple fashion accessory can turn tragedy into triumph and creates Purse-Impressions; a lasting legacy to Courtney…and the ultimate healing balm for her soul.